Yesterfang (3) 

Yesterfang (3)

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The wide-flighted birds-of-prey cast their individual twirling shadows over the vast blank plateau – seeking the toddler Jawn – in absurd pretence of assisting the villagers scattered (in alternately separate and joined-up examples of handwriting) over different sections of the same plateau … with the additional precisions of shadow that represented more ground-based search-parties in seeming competition with those masquerading as such in the skies above.

Jawn himself was oblivious to those interchanging patterns of pursuit as well as independent of the shuttling shapes in variously hopeful staged rescues of the yesterfang.

Jawn knew no such terms. Simple-mindedness could never stretch that far. And as each day went by, his wanderability knew no bounds. Only human minds that had been trained by self-enforced complexities could subsequently stay on board bodies that constrained their wild adventures by always returning home – if crestfallen – into the arms of loved ones. With simple-mindedness, any wanderability was infinite. Hence, Jawn running away … escaping into the bottomless pit of simplicity and honesty where no search-parties (friendly or otherwise) could follow.

In Hell, one needed the strongest fans possible to waft life-giving draughts of air towards any who had inadvertently wandered there. The birds-of-prey screeched with scorched wings. And the villagers stood far back from the flames for fear of being burnt into even blacker versions of their own rorschach blots. Beyond the wild curtains of infernal orange, they saw the silhouette of Jawn, dancing and jabbing like the clown puppet of all dreams but yours.

Jawn, meanwhile, still toddled across the snow – having left a decoy in Hell.

In the distance, he saw – with simple-minded clarity – a cage-on-legs following him, evidently not deceived. Motherly love knew no decoys.

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