Over A Jar 

Over A Jar

There are many wicked people who live all about us, some revealed by their actions, others merely by their looks - but the most dangerous are those who appear normal and, in extreme cases, good.
One of the best examples (or the worst, depending on how you look at it) was my friend George. He was a personable individual, always ready with a smile and a helping hand. Nothing was too much trouble for him. His wife and children adored him. His business colleagues respected him, all depending somewhat on his skills and savoir faire. And me? Well, there was nothing better than to have a friendly tete a tete with him over a jar in the Fox and Goose. It was always refreshing to get things off my chest.
All proceeded in such a vein for several years. Then, one day, George did something quite extraordinary - out of the blue, as it were. It was a wicked act deliberately designed to create the greatest possible hurt to us all. For no good reason, he simply killed himself.

(published 'Purple Patch' 1991)

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